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Corona Enterprise Suite
Enterprise Knowledge Manager
Business Domain Modeler


Highly Distributed and Scalable

Developed from the ground-up, using extremely scalable and distributed enterprise-class technology, Corona utilizes cutting edge, standards compliant technology to enable the real-time management of SOAs and the aggregation and reporting of business events for Strategic Business Intelligence.

Extendable Architecture

Utilizing open standards, Corona is able to interface with various types of Enterprise Information Systems to manage and collect business process events in real-time. Having been designed as an extendable system, Corona may also be extended to interface with non-standard enterprise systems as well on a per-case basis.

Pluggable Model

Designed to work as an integrated enterprise suite and as individually valuable services, the Corona Enterprise Suite may be decomposed to function as a shared service provider to other Enterprise Information Systems. The shared service architecture also enables Corona to add value to other services, report engines and management tools to extend their utility by incorporating the value created by Corona.


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