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Corona Enterprise Suite
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Corona Enterprise Suite - Aligning IT with your Business

The Corona Enterprise Suite for the management and self-healing of Service-Oriented Architectures enables Enterprise-wide Management and Business Activity Monitoring. Developed from the ground up to enable the management of loosely coupled systems as those exhibited by an SOA, the Corona Enterprise Suite is uniquely benefited with the ability to provide a holistic, 360o view of enterprise technology investments as they relate to business processes.

Designed to co-exist with and compliment legacy architectures, Corona enables a seamless transition to anmanaged, SOA-based enterprise architecture.

Holistic view of the interplay of SOA constituents

Corona - Providing Enterprise-wide Holistic Management

With the influx of heterogeneous technologies, management of applications and infrastructure become overwhelming and becomes increasingly difficult to maintain all the pieces of software and understand how they fit into the IT and business architecture.

The problem is further aggreviated as enterprises move towards loosely coupled systems, to increase their operational agility.

Organizations need an enterprise and SOA management platform that can:

  • Track applications, services and components across the enterprise and monitor and manage them in real-time
  • Instantly identify erroneous application components and automatically heal them remotely during run-time, reducing the time spent to locate the issues
  • Manage application, service and component repositories
  • Dynamically discover and reuse services and components to build and manage loosely coupled applications
  • 360o visibility of applications states, services and components
  • Continuous management of Service-Oriented components

Corona - Unique Value Add

  • Utilizes cutting edge technology to continuously monitor business processes and manage enterprise applications and services in real-time
  • Unique architecture employed ensures that business users and customers may easily define, collect and share the metrics related to business operations on-the-fly, with negligible effort
  • With visual tools for metric selection and definitions of business rules for collection and reporting of business events and processes, Corona provides a flexible means for agile businesses (or those who wish to be) to take real-time decisions
  • Unlike existing Business Intelligence solutions, Corona simplifies the process of metric collection even in dynamic enterprises with changing business applications and needs
  • Enable continuous real-time compliance
  • Generate real-time Strategic Business Intelligence for Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
  • Measure ROI or performance with Strategic Alliance Reports

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