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Corona Enterprise Suite
Knowledge Manager
Domain Modeler

Enterprise Knowledge Manager

Integrated View of the Enterprise

Large Enterprises have to deal with several project portfolios as a business routine, which cut across multiple business processes. Such project initiatives may be categorized into pure strategy, new business acquisition, or tactical in nature, these include data center application development, application maintenance, business and functional enhancements, rolling out new infrastructure or bringing in new technology platforms. With the proliferation of numerous technologies within an Enterprise, it is becoming increasingly harder for portfolio managers, business and technology executives to assess the financial or economic impacts of modifying a business process, application, service or technology. In many organizations, time-to-market of new products is being delayed due to lengthy and difficult process of assessing negative impact on business bottom line. It is time to change the old ways of cataloging our software assets. CxOs may have to initiate a new way of storing and reusing vital components of an enterprise system.

Enterprise Knowledge Manager

360 hyperbolic View of the Enterprise

An Enterprise-wide 360 degree view of all artifacts, including processes, services, applications, components, projects, documents etc. with their inter-relationships is crucial to assessing organizational impact. A meta-data driven Enterprise Knowledge Repository woven with active intelligence provides executives with complete knowledge of the outcome of their decisions and enables executives to articulate ROI, time-to-market, cost, productivity, and revenue enhancements. Presenting the inter-relationships between all the artifacts of an Enterprise in a hyperbolic view allows locating information rapidly as well as keeping track of the entire portfolio in a seamless manner.

Hyperbolic Enterprise-wide View

Complete Enterprise Solution

The Corona Enterprise Knowledge Manager is a powerful platform which is part of the Corona Enterprise Suite of products that brings to Enterprises a new found way to manage all their portfolios and realize productivity gains. Backed by a full text search engine that allows Enterprises to locate policies, standards and other documents associated with their artifacts in a secure manner, ensures that not only can artifacts and their meta-data be tracked but even email exchanges or documents exchanged in the course of portfolio management are all available in every context.

The use of an Intelligent Algorithm to score the Business Quality and Technical Quality of artifacts which are stored in Enterprise Knowledge Manager, allows Enterprises a novel way to asses the value of their portfolio- reuse artifacts. Once integrated with Corona Management Server, Knowledge Manager can automatically update new artifacts. As a web based application Knowledge Manager is accessible from anywhere in the organization. It may be configured to run as a stand-alone application, if necessary. There are several management reports that are available out-of-the-box. Custom reports can be easily created and deployed within a few hours to a few days depending on the report complexity. The Enterprise Knowledge Manager is architected to complement the other products in the Corona Enterprise Suite to enable our customers to take advantage of prior technology investments and realize unprecedented value from existing architectures. Current solutions packaged with Corona include Corporate Performance Management and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance aid.

Architected to function as a shareable business service, Corona is a platform for the development of various solutions to suit customer needs - for both horizontals as well as verticals and including custom solutions.


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