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Domain Models and Enterprises

A business domain consists of related processes with either a vertical or a horizontal process. Information Integration within the processes contained in a business domain is of paramount importance. In order to completely model the business domain, one has to go beyond just capturing and modeling business processes. Business Analysts need a tool to help them define events of interest that occur within process orchestrations. Such events largely go unnoticed today since they occur within transaction contexts that have a fleeting lifetime of existence.
The business domain model represents the specific processes, process characteristics, business metrics, information architecture and domain specific functionality pertaining to a specific line of business, vertical industry or horizontal industry segment. The business analysts associated with that line of business have expertise and a sound understanding of their business process flows. In all probability, the analysts have already used a tool such as Visio or a more modern business process capturing tool to model and capture the business processes. If the tool used supports the latest industry standards, then the captured business process model and the corresponding services (SOA services) that support the orchestration of the process are mapped correctly and stored in an xml schema representation called BPEL

Business Domain Modeler

At the other end of the spectrum are the actual applications and components that execute in order to realize the business process and thus enable a business domain. Inside these applications and components is where the actual data and information flows while conceptually everyone looks at the process execution. The Corona Business Domain Modeler allows an Enterprise to define any event of interest inside any process. Such events can also be aggregated to form higher-level composite events. This event model is in turn made up of metrics. This model can be visually captured and stored. Business Rules can be applied to the model.

Standard Templates for Industries and Verticals

Red Rabbit Software provides standard templates for several industries making it an easy task to customize the events, metrics and reports of interest for an Enterprise. The customization and Hot Wiring of data into the defined templates will depend on systems that support process orchestration. Enterprises stand to gain by making ROI predictions much more accurate as well as ensure corporate performance is well understood. In addition, various business processes themselves may now be really understood as the Business Domain Modeler provides a way to define domain models independent of what an Enterprise has today for its IT systems or process capturing tools. Coupled with a strong methodology to support modeling the business domain, integrating the information flow and management of all the Enterprise artifacts, Enterprises will be able to develop a complete understanding of their domain in ways until now not possible.

Standard Industry Templates

While software design metrics are applicable to high-level domain models such metrics can be applied at the high-level business model. By linking metrics and conversion ratios to key business processes, the domain efficiency and event modeling helps corporations design better future Enterprises.

Current solutions packaged with Corona include Corporate Performance Management and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance aid.

Architected to function as a shareable business service, Corona is a platform for the development of various solutions to suite customer needs - for both horizontals as well as verticals and including custom solutions.


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