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Red Rabbit Software is the leading provider of specific industry-focused Business Event Processing, Business Activity Monitoring and real-time Business Intelligence Solutions. Our Vision is to provide a transformative and integrated business platform to allow Enterprises to maximize their business benefits


Red Rabbit Software's ground-breaking business solution accelerators are introduced into an Enterprise in a non-intrusive manner and it is designed to work with all existing technology investments within an Enterprise without having to buy new hardware or modify existing investments.

The patent-pending Corona Enterprise Suite allows a visual representation of business pain points and is able to provide visibility into Enterprise business issues with a simple point-and-click interface.

Business decision makers can spend their time effectively analyzing and deciding as opposed to figuring out issues and where to find relevant data within an Enterprise to assist with the understanding of the issues.

Executive management can track bottom line and top line growth of their revenues by understanding the impact of their business issues to their company's performance. The Corona Enterprise Suite can also provide inferences and relevant prescriptive solutions to industry-specific business issues

Enterprises are enabled to manage their investments in application portfolios to ensure business to technology alignment and justify spending on IT.

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