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The Vision of Red Rabbit Software is to provide a transformative business platform to allow Enterprises to maximize their business benefits.

About Us

Red Rabbit Software is the pioneer of Business Event Processing (BEP) going beyond just Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Business Process Management (BPM). The Corona Platform allows Enterprises to define their business issues with a point-and-click interface and track all business events that originate within an Enterprise which have an impact on the defined business issues.

Adaptive and Agile Businesses

The Mission of Red Rabbit Software is to enhance business value by providing transformative business models that allow Enterprises to quickly realize top line and bottom line growth.

Red Rabbit Software enables its Mission by providing the "business transformation-centric" Corona Enterprise Platform which:

  • Provides visualization of the Business Architecture of an Enterprise
  • Captures business events of interest and provides insight via pattern recognition
  • Suggests prescriptive solutions to business problems
  • Ensures Business to IT alignment
  • Unlocks the value of an Enterprise's existing Application Portfolio, also known as "The Enterprise Basement"

How does Corona relate to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA is more of a fashion statement by several vendors rather than a roadmap to a future well-managed enterprise

While SOA promises a path that leads to application optimization, there have been prior attempts such as CORBA and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) that promised similar benefits. A carefully planned SOA strategy executed with the proper tools, vendors and industry expertise, can produce a leaner, efficient and more profitable business. Many organizations within financial and service industry segments have already shown how large enterprise applications based on a proper SOA methodology and architecture can provide returns. It is becoming more evident that without a transformative business platform such as Corona, any SOA strategy will not be well-managed and returns will not be as expected. It is essential to understand the business events that transpire during the orchestration of a business and how they are related. This ensures that existing technology and process investments are leveraged and focused on a prioritized list of business issues with high rewards.

Solution Accelerators

Red Rabbit Software provides packaged solution accelerators for certain verticals to ensure rapid deployment and tangible Return on Investment (ROI). Our solutions include:

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